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School Terms in a Church School

Autumn Term 1       Harvest

Autumn Term 2      Celebrating Advent and Christmas

Spring Term 1         Epiphany and Candlemas

Spring Term 2        Lent and Easter Term

Summer Term 1      Pentecost

Summer Term 2     Celebrating Trinity


Download our school prayer from the link below.

Our Family Tree

Every member of our school has a photograph of themselves on the school family tree. This means that we all work together as one community.

Our Distinct Christian Values 

These are our school Distinct Christian Values.

We have a two year rolling program of values and we focus on a new value each term.

We  have four core values that underpin all that we do and learn;






School Worship

School worship takes place every day. We have whole school worship four times per week at 1:00pm. A class, reflective worship is held once per week.

We follow the new Roots and Fruit Christian Values Worship  programme.

Each term we focus on a new Christian value.


Rights Respecting and the wider world Worship


Class reflective worship


Values Worship  or Open the Book team


Hymns and songs to enrich the values


Celebration and sharing

Services in Church

We  have a strong relationship with the local church and are able to use the building for  many activities as well as regular whole school Christian worship.

We have end of term services in Church as well as a special service for the Y6 leavers in July.

We hold our Christmas concerts in the Church using our own stage and lighting.

We use the church for special festival services  such as Harvest, Christmas and Easter.

We have been invited to the village Carol  service and Christingle as well as participating in a Special Community Service organised by the Local County Council Chair Person.

We also join with Womens' World Day of Prayer.

Festivals and Special Services

Festivals are special times to come together.

Christmas concerts are very important as they are the centre of what a church school is all about; developing the Christian ethos and belief. They are well supported and very inspiring.

Another local school joined us for  Experience Harvest in Church.

We have  held Experience Easter in and around School and the Church. This was a  wonderful passion play enacted by local parishioners.