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Inspection Report- OFSTED April 2013
Our SIAMS inspection Report October 2014

OFSTED will visit the school regularly.

We were inspected in April 2013 and received a  recommendation of 'in need of improvement' with "behaviour and safeguarding" being good.

Schools have to ensure that at least 65% of their pupils achieve level 4 in the KS2 SAT's tests. If you consider a large school with 30 pupils in the class, each child is worth about 3.33%. In our school, that goes up to 17% (6 pupils in 2012),9%, (11 pupils in 2013) and 10% (10 pupils in 2014).This makes it very difficult for small schools to attain these targets.

Our mobility, is higher than the national average. The number of SEND pupils we have, is also above the national average.

All this in a school that OFSTED classes as SMALLER than the national primary school.

Under the new OFSTED framework, if one area is in need of improvement then it has, what is calls a LIMITING JUDGEMENT, which means it affects all other judgements bringing them all down. 

This means that the inspector could not write in the report, that the teaching he saw was, IN ALL, cases at least secure good.

As a Church of England School we also have a  visit from an inspector under the STATUTORY INSPECTION OF ANGLICAN SCHOOLS system. We were inspected in October 2014

Both OFSTED  and SIAMS inspection reports are available from the Head Teacher, online or by using one of the links below.

Link: Ofsted

File icon: doc Judgement Recording Form [doc 305KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf OFSTED report 2013 [pdf 141KB] Click to download
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