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 Our school curriculum

This section describes our broad and balanced curricuum as set out per year group. If you would like more detailed information, please contact the school.

We teach our school curriculum through a whole school, themed based approach, which runs over a three year rolling program.

Each year is divided into three themes. Each theme will have a bias towards science, history or geography.  Planning for learning will show progression of both knowledge and skills throughout the school.

The question of ‘how’ to teach our curriculum is a very important one. We want our learners to learn through an engaging, stimulating, questioning, fun, meaningful curriculum that allows pupils to learn through real experiences. Once a child is hooked, and has a good work attitude, they can begin to explore and develop independence in learning. Our curriculum will be skills based to encourage confidence, self-esteem, risk taking, social interaction and mutual support.

As a Church of England school spiritual, moral, social and cultural development will impact on all that we do. Achievement is seen in terms of the academic and personal development of all learners, together with their well-being. Our learners will have the opportunity to reflect on and respond to beliefs, values and experiences from a range of faith perspectives.