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English Bicknor Governing Body 2018-19

Mr Brian Haile

Mr Keith Andrews

Mrs Alliston

Mrs Childs

Mr Gordon Cranfield

Mrs Angela Healy

Miss Jo Munn

Rev Capt. Tony Williams CA.

Mrs Sophie Allen

Mr Phil Gwilliam

Mrs Carolyn Shaw

The Department for Education required the Governing Bodies of all schools to reconstitute by 1st September 2015. English Bicknor C of E VC School Governing Body reconstitution took place on 16th March 2015. Governors had to complete a skills audit to ensure that the Governing Body, as a whole, has the required expertise to govern the school. Following the skills audit, the membership of the Governing Body remains unchanged but the types of Governor have undergone changes.

Revd Capt. Tony Williams CA: Foundation Governor Ex-officio

Appointed by the Diocese

My year group is Y5.  My subjects are RE, PHSCE, SMSC, Worship and Music.  As the Officiating Minister of the Ecclesiastical Parish of St Mary the Virgin Church, English Bicknor, I am the main link between the Church and the school.

Mr Brian Haile: Chairperson, Local Authority Governor

Appointed by the Governing Body

My year group is Y6. My subject is mathematics and I analyse the progress and attainment data. I look after the school budget. I am also involved with the health and safety of the school and make sure the school buildings are safe. I am the  Safeguarding Governor and monitor that you are all kept safe.

Mrs Sophie Allen: Parent Governor

Appointed by Parents

I am the Early Years Governor so will be interested in the progress pupils make by the end of the reception year. I am on the Finance Committee so am responsible for helping control the school budget. My subjects are Science and French.

Mr Phil Gwilliam: Co-Opted Governor

Appointed by the Governing Body

My year group is Y1. My subjects are Science, Art and DT. I enjoy Forest School and want to see learning outside the classroom. I am a member of the Finance Committee so I help look after the school budget.

Mrs Angela Healy: Parent Governor

Appointed by Parents

My year group is Y2. My subject is PE and History.   

 Mrs Jo Munn: Chair of Ethos Committee, Co-Opted Governor

Appointed by the Governing Body

My year group is Y4. My subjects are English, RE, PHSCE, SMSC and Collective Worship. I was a  Headteacher so have experience of leadership  in schools. I also have experience with OFSTED and SIAMs. I am a main link between the Church and the School. I am the Pupil Premium Governor. I work in the Education department for Gloucestershire Diocese.

 Mr Gordon Cranfield: Co-Opted Governor

Appointed by the Governing Body

I am a member of the Finance Committee so I help look after the school budget. My year group is Y5. My subjects are PE and Geography. I am the SEND governor as  I am interested in the progress SEND pupils make. I help run the school gardening club.

Mr Keith Andrews: Vice Chair, Foundation Governor

Appointed by the Diocesan Board of Education

I am a member of the Ethos Committee, which involves talking and listening to the school council and worship team. I have an interest in the spiritual, moral, social and cultural learning in school as well as your daily worship. My year group is Y3, and my subjects are RE and PHSE. I am also on the Finance Committee. I am interested in internet safety and keeping you safe on line.

Mrs H Alliston                   Headteacher

Mrs Nicola Childs              Staff Governor - on Maternity Leave from Sept 2018

Miss Ellie Johnson             Associate Governor: in replacement for the staff governor

Mrs Carolyn Shaw             Clerk to the Governors      

All parents/guardians are entitled to participate fully in the election of the parent or guardians' representative on the Governing Body.